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Who We Are: The Most Convenient Way To Sell Your Designer Handbags

Rebagg is the easiest way to sell your luxury handbags. Founded by French fashion entrepreneur Charles-Albert Gorra out of Harvard Business School, Rebagg simplifies the process of selling luxury to the extreme. Now you have a go-to place to clear all those high-end pieces from your closet! Rebagg is an independent company not affiliated with any designer brand.

Three Reasons To Love Us: Simple, Guaranteed & Upfront

1. We Do All The Work: We know you like buying...but no one likes selling! We value your time more than anything so we’ll either send you a free prepaid box to ship to us, or we’ll pick it up from you. You stay at home and get paid!

2. We Guarantee Pricing: Do you remember the last time you used a consignment place, were quoted a selling price, and the item was severely discounted? How disappointed were you? That will never happen at Rebagg. We guarantee all our buying prices per style very precisely on our site so you have 100% visibility on how much you will get. And believe us, we do extensive analysis so we are very competitive in our pricing.

3. We Pay Fast: You get paid within 2-3 business days after we receive your items. We are the buyer so there is no uncertainty and no consignment here: sell it now and get done with it! You can receive funds via check or bank transfer.

Testimonies: What Customers And The Press Say About Rebagg

“Rebagg is a new platform that buys luxury bags outright. They handle all of the majors, from Alex Wang to Chanel to Hermes. I tested this myself last week, and it was so easy! I took photos and Rebagg notified me immediately to say that they would have the info shortly. A few hours later, I was sent offers. I was thrilled with the estimates! The rep was very communicative and responded quickly to my emails. I had my wire just two days after they got my bags. Needless to say, I’m on board with the operation!”

Tina Craig (Bag Snob)

“I had an overall amazing experience selling my Fendi bag using Rebagg! It was an extremely professional and perfectly executed transaction. I am looking forward to using Rebagg again in the future and am recommending it to not only my friends, but whomever is reading this as well!”


“Rebagg has the best client service I have seen in years!“


“I love designer handbags and find myself like many women to be an avid collector. Over the years however, my style changes and I usually have the urge to move onto somethings new. Enter Rebagg, a designer bag resale company that actually bought my pre-owned bag for cash up front! ( alleviating the hassle of waiting for the bag to sell in a consignment store or ebay type of website ). The process was so easy: I emailed pictures of my Celine bag and within a day it was quoted from Rebagg with a purchase price (which I must say was generous). Julie, an executive with the company, personally picked up my bag even though I had the option of shipping it to them. Within a few days I was holding a check in my hand. It was a win win!!!! This was a fabulous experience…. it was easy and actually really fun! I am a very happy customer and I will be selling more of my bags there in the future!”

Suzanne (Montecito, CA)

Partner With Us: Get Paid To Go Shopping

Rebagg might be right for you even if you don’t have anything to sell! We partner with fashion lovers across the United States to source the best items from people’s closets. Are you entrepreneurial, motivated and love fashion? Then become a Rebagg partner now and start making money by going shopping! It’s easy: we’ll tell you what to look for and you make a significant commission on all items sourced. You can do that in your spare time or full time, as much or as little as you want. Partners make anywhere between a few hundred to several thousands of dollars per month. The partnership is especially suited for personal shoppers, stylists, sales people, boutiques, bloggers, models, photographers, agencies, students...But it is open (and free) to anyone who wants to improve buying skills and make extra income while having fun. So apply now!

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Rebagg Reviews

Rebagg Reviews and Testimonials

Customers around the world love Rebagg. Please see below some examples of what customers say about us. We would appreciate if you could share the love and write your review online. Thanks!

9 / 10 average rating Review Us Reseller Ratings
4.5 / 5 average rating Review Us On App Store
4.0 / 5 average rating Review Us Google Play

Melissa M.

5 / 5

Highly recommend!

It was very easy – a thousand times easier than trying to sell something on eBay! Everything was efficient and simple. I would highly recommend it!


5 / 5

Beautiful Bags!!

I’ve had nothing but great experiences. Seamless process, AND extra room in my closet for more stuff! Very clear communication, quick turnaround and absolute transparency on the status of your transaction.

Rebekah Roberts

5 / 5

Super easy to use!

This app makes selling designer bags completely seamless! The service is amazing and the app is laid out to be really easy to navigate, so you hardly have to do anything.


5 / 5

Great service!

I sold a Fendi bag to Rebagg and was very happy with the whole process. Super easy to use, I feel that I got a fair offer for my bag, and quick turnaround time from when Rebagg received my bag to when I was paid. I’d definitely use Rebagg again!

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