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Celine handbags receive competitive offers from Rebagg. We are handbags experts and will give you a guaranteed quote based on the model, condition and age. You are always in control and can accept or decline the quote for free. Here are some payouts for a few Celine handbags:

How Do I Re-Sell my Celine pre owned designer bag for cash?
Get a quick free offer

Get a quick free offer

Book a free pickup or ship it

Book a free pickup or ship it

Guaranteed & Fast Payment

Guaranteed & Upfront Payment

Selling pre owned Celine handbags to Rebagg is simple and convenient: just submit pictures on our website from your mobile device or desktop. We will get back to you with a quote within 1-2 business days. In New York City, we will pick up your designer handbags for free. Anywhere else in the US, we will provide you with a free prepaid shipping box. You get paid within 2-3 business days after we receive your items. No uncertainty and no consignment here: sell it now and get done with it!

Re-sell Your Celine Handbag with Rebagg

Why Should I Sell My Celine Handbag?

Your Celine handbag has a great resale value! If you think you would like to sell your Celine luxury handbag or another style of designer handbags, Rebagg will pay you for it. If you are unsure about working with Rebagg, here are reasons why it might be worth it to sell your used Celine designer handbags to us.

  • Make Real Money: Get paid for having exceptional taste. Your high-end French fashion taste is actually a valuable investment in yourself. Rebagg thinks you should be rewarded for this. Sell your Celine designer handbags to Rebagg and get paid fast.
  • Evolve with your Wardrobe: Does your Celine designer handbag no longer match your style? When you re-sell your Celine handbag to Rebagg, you can set aside the money we’ll pay you to cover some of the cost of a brand new designer handbag, fashion accessories, or even a dream vacation.
  • Keep up with the Latest Fashion: The newest collections are always just one fashion show away from hitting the shelves. As your Celine handbag matures, you may want to move on to a different handbag.
About Celine Designer Handbags

Founded in 1945 by Celine Viapiana, Celine was considered a pioneer for ready-to-wear designer clothing. The French luxury brand began as a made-to-wear company for children’s shoes in 1945. With design later influenced by Michael Kors in the 1990s, Celine revitalized its place in the modern luxury landscape. Now owned by respected fashion behemoth LVMH, Celine is an international powerhouse that continues to specialize in ready-to-wear clothing and irresistible leather handbags. Rebagg holds Celine leather handbags in high regard as well as other Celine pre owned designer bags and is actively buying previously owned designer handbags with the Celine label.

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